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Safety/Risk Manager | Sylvania

Job Description:

Optim Medical Center - Screven is seeking a full time Safety/Risk Manager for our Sylvania location.

Job Requirements:

  • Inspects and evaluates the environment, equipment and processes in working areas to ensure compliance with government safety regulations and industry standards.
  • Identifies potentially hazardous biological, chemical and radiological materials and collect proper standards and information for analysis.
  • Recommends and helps implement changes to protect workers, as well as, educate employees on how to prevent health problems through the use of safety training programs.
  • Investigates accidents to identify causes; Evaluates policies and procedures and recommends changes that reflect improved opportunities to eliminate work place accidents and injuries for patients, visitors and employees.
  • Ensures that federal, state, and local laws, regulations and codes are observed and followed.
  • Coordinates, develops and implements hazmat and disaster procedures and policies; Conducts quarterly drills; Participates in Coalitions meetings and drills; Manages, organizes and updates disaster sheds as needed.
  • Coordinates Safety/EOC Comprehensive rounds with IP and Maintenance quarterly.
  • Ensures that the following checks are being conducted on the appropriate timeline: Fire Extinguishers; Fire Extinguisher Draining; Generators; Eye Wash Station Checks; Eye Wash Station Maintenance; Fire Alarm Systems; Sprinkler Systems;  Call light/bell system; Work with each manager for departmental safety rounds.
  • Conducts Fire Drills quarterly and ensures proper documentation.
  • Ensures and checks for Life Safety Code Compliance.
  • Updates Safety policies and plans as needed.
  • Maintains all written logs for safety and environmental safety including gas logs.
  • Works with all members of the team in helping to coordinate in-services for staff.
  • Investigates all aspect of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/healthcare errors.
  • Consults other departments as appropriate to provide for an interdisciplinary approach to patient’s needs.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned.

Optim Offers:

  • Competitive Pay
  • Company Benefits
  • Vacation, Personal Time Off, and Sick Leave
  • Holiday Pay
  • 401K Plan

Apply for this position by sending your resume and cover letter to